• Our legal firm reports that the Federal Government is enforcing existing 2257 notification laws for porn shown on the net. Therefore, to stay current with this legal trend, we require that all affiliates post the below 2257 link on any and all pages where you use any COHF content.


    Any affiliate that does not post the above 2257 link is subject to having their affiliate account terminated, plus is subject to prosecution from the Feds if they decide to target you. So letís play it safe for yourself and COHF, please post the above 2257 link on any and all pages containing COHF content (and we recommend that you post a different 2257 link for any other porn sites you promote)

  • All Pictures are High Quality, you may resize them, however, you may NOT remove or alter or obscure the Copyright/URL statement in anyway. You will NOT permit other URLs or copyright statements to appear on or nearby the pictures as if they are in ownership of the pix or movies. Pictures and movies may only be used to promote CumOnHerFace.com.

  • You must place a minimum of one CumOnHerFace.com banner (supplied free to you) on EACH page that contains any of our pictures or movies produced by Ray Guhn or seen on CumOnHerFace.com. In other words, if you post our pictures or movies, be sure to post a COHF banner on each page that the pictures or mpegs are seen.

  • ALL COHF thumbnails and/or pictures must be linked directly to CumOnHerFace.com exclusively and must not link or lead to non-COHF sites or URL's even in a random way.

  • You are authorized to post pictures or movies obtained from CashTitans.com, or produced by Ray Guhn or CumOnHerFace.com ONLY where minors cannot see them. This is YOUR sole responsibility. This additionally applies to all pictures and content produced by, or obtained from Ray Guhn Productions, CumOnHerFace.com (COHF), and CashTitans.com.

  • You absolutely may NOT send "spam" (i.e. unsolicited commercial e-mail) containing our URL! No exceptions! Any and all commissions owed will be considered void and no payout will be made, plus you will be banned from any CashTitans affiliate programs.

  • You may not place our banners, pix, movies, or links on ANY page or site that contains actual or simulated depictions of bestiality or child pornography or other illegal activity. Additionally, you may not place our banners, pix, movies, or links from pages which contain advertisements for bestiality or child pornography or other illegal activity. This policy exists to protect you, ourselves and all of our valued partners.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use keywords like lolita, pedo, preteen, bestiality or any illegal keywords to promote CT/COHF, we block access to referrer using these and terminate the CT account.

  • It is not permitted to insinuate that girls are paid or compensated to appear on CT/COHF. Girls are "featured", not paid or hired. It is not permitted to promise that a membership will guarantee an invitation to party with COHF.

  • Our Pirate Killer monitors your ads that you post on the net. Breaking any of the above rules makes your CT membership subject to immediate termination and loss of monies owed.

  • Checks will not be issued until you accumulate a minimum of $150. Any amount below the minimum will be carried over to next pay period. It is your sole responsibility to provide accurate information, mailing address or bank wire information, to recieve proper payment. Payouts are done twice monthly. Any payout returned for improper information will be deamed forfiet.

  • You must provide a valid e-mail address. Information concerning your CashTitans account will be sent to the provided e-mail address and must be acted on within 30 days of notification. If you fail to comply with request or changes required during that time, your account will be revoked and all monies owed forfieted. We do NOT respond to automated spam filter request. If your email has a spam filter that requires interaction by us, it will not be answered and your account will be terminated. If you feel you need a spam filter of this type on your email, put our domain in the trusted list.

  • CashTitans requires your account to be active. If any account falls inactive (no sales for 60 days and/or no significant productive traffic generated for 60 days) your account will be deleted. Any account that falls inactive with less that $50 will recieve no payout. Those that have reached $50 will recieve the total reached.

  • You must be of legal age for you local area in order to participate in this program.

  • These rules are subject to change at anytime without notice, so please check back here for rules updates.