What does 50/50 REALLY mean?
When we say 50/50, we mean we split 50% of all of net profits (signup minus processing fees) with our webmaster. It's that simple. It means that you'll receive a 50% commission on all initial signups (sales) and also 50% commission on all monthly membership renewals (recurring sales). Month after month, membership after membership, you get 50% of it all!


How often do I get paid?

You get paid twice monthly by check or wire transfer..


Can I REALLY make more money with a partnership program?

In the short term you will make more money from a click or a per signup program, but that is short term. Within one month you will be making more with our partnership due to re-bills. With the click and per sign ups you get paid once for the person you send, while with our revshare program you get paid as long as the people you send remain members and with our exclusive content and weekly magazine members stay longer.


How often can I check my stats?

You can check your stats 24 hours a day, as often as you like, they are updated on approximately a 15 minute delay.


What if I don't have any banners to use?

Like we have stated we provide everything, we will provide you with tested banners that are proven to pull traffic, all we ask is that you serve banners from your own site not ours.


Can I advertise my partnership any way I wish?

Yes, the only thing we do not allow is spamming of any kind, other than that you can use blind links, text links, exit consoles full page ads, and any other way you can think of.


Is there a minimum I need to make to get paid?

Yes, you must accumulate a minimum of $150 before a check will be issued, which will not be a problem with our 100% exclusive content and weekly magazine.


What if I send a visitor that doesn't join today, but comes back the next day to join?

If you've referred them once, you still get the same revenue. This is a specialty of our program. Even first-time visitors are recalled by our system for up to 5 DAYS from the date they first stopped by. For instance, if they check out the site one morning, and then come back two days later to actually join, YOU'LL STILL GET THE SALE. We understand that if YOU sent the traffic, you should get credit!